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Greg Hennigan

User Experience (UX) Designer

Hi, I'm Greg, a User Experience (UX) Designer with 20 years of international consulting experience in the planning and design of applications, websites and intranets.

My focus is on delivering smarter interactions and happier customers through data-driven design.

Current Project

I've joined forces with a talented consulting team from Ireland to modernize the user experience and design process for the Irish Government's suite of enterprise applications.

To date, we have launched seven apps and an intranet solution that are accessed more than 15,000 times per day.

As the sole UX/UI Designer, my mandate is to deliver consistent and intuitive digital products. To achieve this, I have led the charge for several key improvements:

  • Creation of a Style Guide and Component Library
    • Ensures a unified look, feel and voice across our family of apps
    • Reduces design and development times
  • Use of InVision to organize, review and demo hundreds of wireframes, color mock-ups and prototypes
  • Simplified user interfaces that provide the required functionality and information that people need, when they need it
  • More in-depth one-on-one and group interviews to gain a better understanding of customer pains and how they interact with our solutions
  • A cultural shift towards human-centered design and development thinking

A handful of various screens. All designs by me.

App - Risk management home page
App - Parlimentary question management
Intranet - snippet of reporting dashboard
App - snippet of Hive help page
Intranet - Org chart
Intranet - Org chart user detail

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